Wiring Bakelite Phones 1930 to 1950s

The dial phones from the 1940s to the 1970s use a rotary dial, these phones dial in pulse and the dial function may or may not work, this is dictated by the exchange you are connected to and whether or not your exchange supports pulse dialling

1950s Red Bakelite telephone
1930s Bakelite wall telephone display only sale price $149.00
Antique Phones New Zealand

How to wire a bakelite telephone

First remove bottom cover

On terminal block pictured

Step 1 Link 1 & 2 This is line in #1

Step 2 Link 5 & 6 This is line in #2

Step 3 Link 10, 11 & 12 This is the ringer circuit

Line-in is T1 and T5 normally a red wire and a white wire

Your telephone should now work. if problems occur contact us